Umanand Shiv temple on a small rocky
island in Brahmaputra, Guwahati.
Camera: Kodak, 5MP
The Chariot @ Manikaran, HP
Camera: Kodak 5MP
Selfie @ Manikaran, HP.
The wandering seeker!
Camera: Kodak:, 5MP
River Parvati on way to Kulu, HP
Camera: Kodak, 5MP
Hanuman @ Chamunda Devi, HP
Camera: Kodak, 5MP. Low light
Wild flowers on roadside @ Jammu
Camera: Kodak, 5MP
Photography was initiated to me at the age of 9. My first camera was Agfa ISO LI2. This
was year 1980. I clicked my first photograph of my father and a friend of his on the bank of
river Brahmaputra. The black and white picture came very beautifully. I used to click
photos of my family and family friends in Arunachal Pradesh whenever father allowed me
too. He told me the tips of getting nicely composed photos. I haven't learned photography
from any school or other teacher but I have watched photos of experts in books and
experimented on my own whenever time permitted me too. My second camera that I
bought was a Kodak Click III. The third one was again from Kodak - digital 5MP. Now I
click from my Micromax mobile 13MP camera. I still have to get a decent camera to satisfy
my photography hobby. Here are a few of my click:
Audio Visuals
The Kakshap Avatar of Lord Vishnu @
Chhatarpur, New Delhi.
Camera: Mobile 5MP
Umesh with Khusboo enjoying a
night outing at India Gate
Camera: Mobile 5MP
Suman loves children and talking too
@ Saransh's b'day party.
Saransh giving a charming look!
Camera: Mobile 5MP, low light
Window seat is my favorite too @ on
board train to Shirdi.
Camera: Mobile 5MP, low light
Social media reporter in me!
Camera: Mobile Micromax 13MP,
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हरी ॐ Hari Om
Last updated on 31/08/2016