I am the concealed truth - Avyakt
I'm a simple social worker, poet, engineer, blogger, photoghapher,
religious & environmentalist.

अव्यक्त की रचना हूँ मैं
कुछ समय के लिए व्यक्त हूँ
नाम रूप रंग सब क्षणभंगुर
मैं शाश्वत हूँ अव्यक्त हूँ|

Here are a few salient point about my earthly present 5 elemental body:
Born in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, Bharat.
Schooling and education from schools in UP, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar and
Mechanical engineer from NIT Patna and a Post Graduate Diploma in
Management from IGNOU, Delhi.
Worked with Taru Mitra, SPIC-MACAY, SAVE International and Shristi - An
Environmental Organisation as volunteer.
Currently working with Harit Dhara Sangathan - an environmental
organisation and Sangini - An women empowerment organisation as a
social volunteer.
Published Bargad - an enviromental news magazine, written articles, book
reviews, short stories and poems for local newspapers and magazines.
Active in social media and have 6 published poetry collections to my credit.
Editor of Tarusamvad - an environmental newsletter and Hamaaraa CEL - an
internal newsletter of my organisation CEL.
About Me
(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey
Last updated on 31/08/2016