Roing - a paradise on Earth
Roing is a foothill town in Lower Dibang Valley district of Arunachal
Pradesh. It is the headquarter and a sub-division of Lower Dibang Valley
district, the youngest of the fifteen districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Lower
Dibang Valley forms a part of eastern Arunachal Pradesh and is named
after the River Dibang-one of the important tributaries of mighty

One has to cross the Brahmaputra in Assam from Dhaula to Sadiya. A
bridge is being built these days to make commuting easy for travellers
and end the long time woes of the people of Lower Dibang Valley.

When one enters Arunachal Pradesh while going to Roing, one has to
cross the check-post at Shantipur in Assam.

Roing is starting point of the climb on the mighty Himalayan ranges on
way to Anini - a border area and district headquarter of Upper Dibang
Valley district of Arunachal.

The highest point near Roiing is Mayudia at a height of 2655 meters from
mean sea level. Devpani river flows by the side of the Roing. It has
beautiful picnic spots on its rocky banks. There is not much water in this
river but the flow is very strong. This river swells during the monsoons
and becomes very reckless during those times.

Roing has a famous lake - the Salilake within 3kms. Roing is surrounded
by lush green forests and travellers and locals enjoy trekking here.

I have spent golden years of my childhood in this peaceful town which
boasts of multi-cultural cohabitation. The locals are very helpful here and
many languages like Hindi, English, Assamese, Nepali and Bengali are
spoken besides local dilects like Idu, Adi and Mishing.
(c) Hemant Kumar Dubey
Last updated on 31/08/2016