Hemant was Born in a sleepy village of Gorakhpur, UP, INDIA in May 1973. Early education was in nearby village school. In 1979 he shifted to Arunachal Pradesh where his father was a teacher in govt. school. Most part of schooling was done at various places like Anpum, Roing, Anini, Hija and Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. In 1989 he joined NIT Patna (then known as BCE Patna) for his graduation in Mechanical Engineering. During the college days he was actively involved with reputed social organisations like Taru Mitra, SAVE International and SPIC-MACAY. He was active member of the college's Art and Dramatic Society. During college days, his friends used to call him Panditjee or PJ. This nickname was given because of his religious activities like hours of prayers he used to do standing in water of the Ganga and his hostel room. In Nov. 1994 he came to New Delhi and worked as engineer in a private firm. Then in July 1997 he joined Central Electronics Limited, a public sector enterprise. In year 1999 he completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IGNOU, New Delhi. November 14, 1999 became a turning point in his life when he met with a bike accident in which he broke his right knee joint. Confined to bed and struggling with pain, he devoted the painful free time available to readying and contacting other members of Taru-Mitra's break-away group Shrishti - An environmental Organisation. The key environmentalist friends were available in Delhi and while confined to bed, Hemant founded Harit Dhara Sangathan (Green Earth Organisation). The injured Hemant brought out Taru-Samvad - an eight page monthly magazine on environment. Members increased and the first plantation work was done in Kidwai Nagar East in March 2011. Recalling about the accident, Hemant says,"It was one of the toughest time for me. The pain was unbearable. The accident informed me who were with me and who were not with me. Who really loved me and who showed-off. It tought me that life is always hanging with a thread and one has to make the most of the time available. Further, heaven and hell are not somewhere else. They are here in this world. The 4 months of bed confinement was hell to me." Poetry and writing was one thing which Hemant loved a lot. Whenever he got time he used to jot a few lines. Some of the poems and writings were published in local newspapers & magazines. During year 2000-2002 Hemant also proof read and pre-edited some of the early books of noted disability writer Vinod Kumar Mishra, his collegue at work. Mishra saw good potential in Hemant and used to encourage but Hemant believed in "Work while you work, play while you play". Never compromised in his office timing to further his literary and social persuits. These activities were for after-office hours and hence mostly neglected. His wife Suman is always at his side - encouraging in his social and writing skills and managing the house and two kids besides her own job at NHAI, New Delhi. According to Hemant, he has too short time and long way to go. He believes that with the blessings of his Guru ji he would be able to contribute positively to the society and attain supreme bliss in life. Blogging and twitting his views and works have become a passion for Hemant. He can be reached at http://www.twitter.com/hemantdubey and http://poetrystream.blogspot.com This is what Hemant has to say about himself: दिल से एक कवि और लेखक हूँ पर पेशे से इंजिनियर | छायाचित्र और घुम्मकड़ी में रूचि है तथा ईश्वर व समाज सेवा जीवन जीवन का ध्येय है | रोज तो नहीं पर जब कभी समय पाता हूँ, लिखने की कोशिश करता हूँ | कैसा लिखता हूँ यह तो आप पढ़नेवाले ही जानें और हाँ मुझे बताएं ताकि सुधार कर सकूँ | To read further:

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